Watch Design

For two years our team designed, engineered, and tested multiple prototypes before we produced a truly unique timepiece that was far from ordinary. During this time, no design aspect went untouched. Everything from sourcing the highest quality 316L stainless steel to construct the watch and metal strap, to perfectly designing the custom switch blade hands and first ever sins window. Sharp Bros watches were designed for people searching for a high quality timepiece with a creative design that enables them to express their own unique vision.

About The Designer

Stephen Conti 
Creative, trouble-maker
25 years in the creative field, growing up with graffiti, punk rock, and a wise-ass attitude on a spiritual path has taught me that the mind is a terrible thing to taste. Today everyone is glued to their screens, competing on social media. No one is living their own lives. They are comparing their lives to others through social media instead of living their lives for themselves and that is a problem, an epidemic. I hope this watch will destroy the duplicative notion of the current culture. This watch was born out of style, rebellion, and humor. It has become a moral compass used to steer me through the day. Many times, I have looked down wishing, hoping the sin changed. Ever evolving, ever growing…… Always learning.

The Finest Craftsmanship

When developing our watches we only use the best materials and components available in the industry. Each Seven Sins case is CNC machined out of a solid billet of 316L stainless steel and individually polished by hand which requires a high level of precision and detail. Swiss Superluminova is individually applied to our custom hands and hour markers, giving the perfect glow to your Seven Sins watch. We build our watches to last a lifetime, and require each watch to go through extensive testing and quality control to ensure it meets our standards before being delivered to our customers.


Bold Details

Our creative director dared to step outside of the traditional watch designing box when creating the Seven Sins watch. The perfectly crafted switch blade hands cut through time every minute of the day, while the FIRST EVER Sins Window challenges you to embrace a new sin or rebel against it every day.

Highest Quality

We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality products to our customers. With 25+ years of experience, our Manufacturing Group has a high level of standard for not only our products but also for our manufacturing partners. We evaluated dozens of manufacturing partners around the world, ensuring that every group we worked with met his standards and were capable of following his strict processes to produce the Seven Sins watch. By having the highest quality manufacturing partners and a strict quality control processes in place, our team is able to deliver affordable and high quality products to our customers.