With a 20+ year background in graffiti, graphic design, and tattoos, Stephen has been working on this concept for years. Kerim, with an eye for innovation and the guru of mass production, quality control, and logisitcs was able to see the potential behind the idea. So the journey began . . .

SHARP BROS was born alongside of the SEVEN SINS watch. We feel a watch is a cultural icon that provides simplicity, style and craftsmanship. It creates a relationship with time; never ending, always progressing.

We were in a bar discussing life, liquor, and literature when the bartender (wearing a Mickey Mouse watch) stopped making the drink to check his Instagram alert. Stephen, annoyed, thought right then and there; Everyone is glued to their screens and competing on social media. No one is living their own lives. They are comparing their lives to others through social media instead of living their lives for themselves.

That is a problem, an epidemic. Social Media has a place but only as a record. Not a guide. We want to enable everyone to express their own unique vision. Our watches grant people the power to narrate their journey through time. Euphoria, confusion, anger, and remorse all encapsulated between the ticks of the hands.